A Fresh Look at Manual Surf Exchange !

 A Fresh Look to Manual Surf Exchange! They can be used to promote your affiliates programs.

First a little story

7 years ago when I started trying to make money on the net, manual surf exchange were very popular, everywhere in a forum or chat you could read about them, I joined the bandwagon and started to build up my downlines. Some were very popular and others were trying to be popular. And most importantly, it provides FREE advertising.

Then came the paid for surfing, 

for example you deposit 10$ in the program then you have a compulsory surfing of 100 pages a day and you would get %2 back each day but such site didn't last very long as people figure out that the owner of such site had to get new money invested by members in their site in order to pay back those whom surf the 100 pages requirement, I lost $100 US in one of those programs myself.


After that 1 year spawn, came the infamous autosurf, still very popular today, many net users are still doing/working with them tying up their computer for hours at the time.

In the hope that it will create traffic to their own website and in return they will make sale or get a new affiliates, perhaps build a decent downline for once, in my opinion, the major problem with these sites; nobody is actually paying attention to them, their machine is doing the autosurf and the so-called surfer are actually doing something else, they are doing anything but looking at your website.

IP to IP

With the venue of Window XP and its traditional Window's quirk and quark IP to IP advertising came in, but this is downright SPAM, therefore the serious webmaster does refrain from using such technique, and if you are serious about your website I would recommend you don't use this IP to IP.

I can recommend it because I speak from experience, see I used to own the traffic exchange SailorsTraffic.com but I got shut down by my hosting company because of spam complaint, I was serious about this website, wanted it to become a great one and all, but didn't have the patience to build it up the right way, thus I paid for it since I lost the site, time and money invested in it, IP to IP advertising is not that great.

Manual Surf 

Many Manual Surf Exchange Website allows you to run different internet site,  surfers go through banner and short ad textual content link trade to earn credit. Therefore, you’d also want to put together nice banners and text adds to get these functions highly efficient.

Some usual terminologies you need to understand when dealing with traffic exchange site:

Click Ratio: determines how many websites the surfer wishes to view on the way to get 1 hit for his/her website. Instance: ratio 2:1 approach you get 1 site visitors on your internet site every 2 websites you surf.

TE credit: the quantity of visitors unit you have to earn in order to have another visit your website. You may earn credits by means of purchasing it, surfing different individuals’ internet site, earning more credits from your referrals, receiving a reward, etc.

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Site visitors trade fact

When you have been using traffic exchanges (TE) for a while, you may have simply found out how frustrating it is. When you have spent a lot of time and effort, clicking away viewing other people website that is totally irrelevant to yours, and you get a terrible result or even worse: nothing!

Any form of enterprise that desires to succeed online, they'll want a big quantity of site visitors. The greater internet site visitors you get, the greater the chances to get an achievement.

As a result, a touch advice from me: before you jump into any form of commercial enterprise, make sure you are honestly prepared with your solid marketing arsenal. In case you are a fan of visitors exchanges, you need to build a solid downline so they will earn credit for you, and then it will be an effective advertising tool for your enterprise.

As you may already be aware most visitors exchanges deliver a few more bonus site visitors as an incentive to assist develop theirs. As you construct your downlines, you earn referral bonus credits.

Similarly to it, you also get hold of free visitors credit as your downlines do their very own browsing (in a few exchanges, these credits are paid numerous ranges deep). So, you could see right here: the extra you be part of traffic exchanges, the greater you have referrals/downlines, the more site visitors credits you’ll earn without doing the surfing yourself!

Traffic exchange fundamental approach

Now the query is: which traffic exchanges are worth to select, and how to get credit with minimal effort? I have been using EasyHits4U and Traffic Swarm for a long time, therefore I have a large number of referrals in each program.

Hence I no longer have to do any surfing to earn credit as I get about a thousand each month, however at first I did enroll in their paid program, the main reason like Easyhits4u give referrals each month that you are an upgraded member, this helps greatly building your referrals base,

With traffic Swarm, you get free credit and allowed more adds ... etc ... I have a large number of referrals because for a very long time I advertised my referral link on EasyHits4U.

Real FREE website visitor, with Traffic Swarm

Ah yeah, one thing to remember or not forget is; Adsense does not approve those site, so you can`t use them to promote a website that has your Adsense link on it.

Thank you for reading this

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