So ! you want to increase website traffic with Twitter ?

Tools to increase website traffic quickly with your Twitter account 

So ! 

you want to increase website traffic with Twitter ?

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You have tried so many ways to increase traffic and yet you have a little amount of traffic on your blog.

This is because you tried all the ways but not in a perfect way.

Unless you learn how to make a strong content and strong SEO building you cannot get organic traffic.

Organic traffic is very important to rank your site higher. The second best traffic is social traffic. Social traffic is real traffic and targeted traffic you can drive to your blog.

Most of the bloggers have a large amount of social traffic to their blogs. Social networks work like a reminder and they will remind visitors about every post. That’s how you can increase blog traffic.

Ad networks like AdSense and won’t approve your blog if you have invalid traffic source.

So you have to pay attention to it.

#How Twitter works in driving traffic?

As we know Twitter is one of the largest social media networks. If you have your brand in traffic then you can get millions of followers. Will it increase blog traffic? Yes, it will.

First, create your Twitter account with your site name rather than your own name.

You are creating a brand on Twitter so it’s better to create a Twitter account with your site name.

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#How Twitter works in driving traffic?

 After you launched your Twitter account then add all your site information and provide site address in the profile section. 

Make sure you write not just a good, but a very good profile, people will often look at it before they start following you or click on any link you post.

Second, If you started your Twitter after few days of blogging then share all your blog posts on Twitter. Better than sharing copy the link and give a good title with an attached image.

Sharing directly and sharing with great Thumbnail image will have a difference in getting higher traffic. You have to use a correct Thumbnail or correct image which can attract visitors. It has been studied and proven, tweet with picture attract attention 86% greater than those with no picture.


Third, Share a single post as much as you can in your Twitter account. Never look at the Tweets count, just go on with making them rotating. There are some paid services for Twitter rotating, and free one`s, it`s up to you to decide which is best.

Here is also a list of tools that can be use to promote and increase your twitter followers.

1. Twitterfox. This is truely a firefox browser plug-in that permits you to preserve up together with your tweets and any direct (personal) messages that come your way. 

Tweetdeck and twhirl similarly help your control your tweets and tweeps and are becoming rave evaluations from users, but i decide on the simplicity of twitterfox. All i ought to do is take a look at the twitter emblem in the decrease right nook of any browser window to test my tweets and to answer to any of them that i want.

2. Tweetlater. The number one feature of tweetlater.Com is to allow die-hard twitterers to stock up tweets that may be scheduled to be posted over a time frame. 

But, the reason that i like it's miles that i will forward the emails about who's following me to my tweetlater e-mail cope with, and my will mechanically get an immediate message from me. I just love it when i can automate my advertising responsibilities!

3. Twitterfeed. This service will permit you to feed your blog posts in your twitter account. You could manage the frequency with which twitter shows your weblog post, as well as the textual content used to preface your weblog feed. I exploit "weblog update" to preface my posts.

4. Twittersearch. This web site gives a brief way to go looking what human beings are posting approximately precise topics or key phrases within the twitterverse.

5. Tweetbeep. That is the equivalent of google alerts for twitter, which lets in you to track mentions of your call, products, company, or anything else you want to tune.

6. Loudtwitter. Loudtwitter is the bridge that posts your each day tweets on your weblog your blog takes care about the archiving of your tweets along with your other posts, which offer extra context. In the end, when you have a weblog and a twitter, your weblog might be the core location where you want to be observed and tracked.

7. Png.Fm. Even as technically now not a twitter device, i speedy bored with manually updating my repute settings in any respect of my social networking sites. So, i started the usage of ping.Fm. While you update your fame at ping.Fm, the provider will robotically replace your repute on all your social networking sites, like twitter, facebook, plurk, pownce, to name some (there are 21 you may replace). 

Depending on the variety of networks you use, it'll take you 10-50 mins to attach your ping.Fm account to your diverse social community money owed. However, once the entirety is set up, you truly log into your ping account, post your replace (no extra than one hundred forty characters), and your repute is automatically upgraded on all your social networking profiles.

To name only a few, because there is litterally thousands of them

#Will scheduling tweets Work?

Don’t think that sharing won’t work. It works better than your regular Tweets. If you have good content and if you have a good title then people will impress with your tweets. You can choose any of the tools which are available to rotate and to reschedule the posts.

Yes, it works. Take a look at these picture,

how to increase blog traffic with twitter.

how to increase blog traffic with twitter.

the image on the left is is how my tweets performed and the days on Sep 18 thru 24th 2017, and the image on the right is from may 1st thru 7th 2018 with no tweets rotations. So if you want better Tweets engagement you have to rotate Tweets.

The best way to rotate Tweets is using premium/paid or free services which will schedule your tweets.

So being lazy and posting a tweet once in a day will reach few people even if you have great followers. They will miss your tweet if it is out of time. So make sure that you are using Tweets in the better way to increase blog traffic.

So, don’t worry about the result you got first, you have to work hard if you want to be cool with the blogging career. At first, you will get minimum impressions (0 sometimes) but don’t lose hope.

#How to rotate tweets?

There are many tools that offer scheduling tweets irrespective of time. But you have to pay for it. In case if you are a new blogger and you don’t want to pay money.

Right now I am using

You can schedule your tweets on your own and remove those whom stopped following you etc.

Yes, this is not a hard work. Just make a reminder of tweeting your tweets. If you tweet frequently in a single day then the chances of reaching people are very high.

Every top blogger started their career with 0 followers, and with daily regular work, they came about 10,000 then 25,000 and so on.

One thing to remember tho, is to follow people of your interest, you see from my experience I wanted to increase my followers really quickly, so I went and search ... follow4follow , follow for a follow, follow back .. etc ...

It`s fine, my follower count went up to 10,000 really quick, within two month, the problem is they werent interested in my advertising, so they werent visiting my blog or clicking my ads, this is why my twitter count for whom I follow  is back down to about 750.

eets, however use twitterfox to submit my @ replies to my followers.

Even though twitter to begin with seemed like a fadscience articles, it is no longer going away. Use these equipment to maximize your use of twitter and decorate your social networking!

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