Make #money with your #Blog

Make #money with your #Blog

                  I see some blogs having more articles than mine, but getting less traffic and income compared to my blog. What could be the problem?

Here is the reality,  all articles will not bring money and the articles you highly targeted for income will not work sometimes, but surprisingly, the post you have published without considering anything may get more income than other articles.

What/Where is the Problem?

Before I go further, let me tell what is 'Blog' in my opinion. A 'Blog' is a place where you write your opinions, lessons, experience, interests, findings, guides, how to's, articles..etc, altogether it is completely 'Your Posts'. 

You are unique in this world (correct?), so your posts should be unique for global readers and search engines..

Nowadays everyone starts a blog, publishes few posts and expects money. They think making money online is very easy, but that's not the case now. As for exemple, I have been working on this blog for more than 2 years, testing, trying working to find out how and what is the best way to make money.

Let's forget money, even finding a unique topic and driving traffic to a blog is the difficult job now.

There are plenty of part time bloggers and full time bloggers who make money online very well.

You must work hard,smart and do something differently to become a successful blogger. Always keep some long term plans in your mind and work towards it.

Do not look for short term achievements. Also, do not discourage yourself by traffic and earning stats initially, it needs time.

Writing about anything comes to your mind will not bring much income. Select a topic and write about it and stick to it.

If you`re an expert in a particular field, share your knowledge, your success, life experience and people will come back to your blog to read about it. Personnaly I think you better write one post a week, a post that you will have worked on, offer some reference, show that you have made some research about it, this kind of post will get you more visitors, than you write a quicky everyday.

When you need a steady income from your blog then definitely you need to invest time, energy and money too.

>>> Blog Traffic is the money <<<

That's the golden rule, if you need more money then you need more traffic to your blog.  There is two type of traffic

Organic Traffic (from any search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing)

Other Traffic ( Regular, Direct, social networking, referrals and other)

Traffic Exchange with 1,378,000+ membersFrom experience, I wouldn`t recomend any manual or auto surf program, as it will take lots of your time to click each page to earn credit which in return you will use those credit to get website traffic, don`t forget if you click whitout looking at the website, other will do the same as you so your time is waisted.

I am still a member of easyhits4u, have so many referrals that they earn me approximatly 100 credit per month, you wouldn`t imagine how much time and money I spent on this program alone thinking it would help me make money.  And it is against Google Adsense rules to use these program, so right now those credit are just there not doing much.

Each traffic source influences every monetizing method in a blog. For example, organic traffic works well for PPC (Pay per click ads like Google adsense) and some times to affiliate marketing sales too, at the same time your regular visitors do not click any PPC ads, but they will be interested in buying the products you recommend and review, so it can increase the affiliate or own product sale.

So, What's the Catch and How to Really Make Money online from Blogs?

Whatever method you select, making money from new blog will take some time. You need to be patient and active for at least first six months to build up a blog with great content which drives good traffic.

IF only PPC (Pay Per Click) programs will be your money making source, then mainly concentrate on Search engine traffic.If you are going to make money by PPC, Affiliate sales and your own products, then concentrate in following traffic sources,

Search Engines traffic

Regular readers – Subscribers, direct and returned visitors.

Social networking sites – Facebook fans, Twitter followers and anything similar to this.

Subscribers mail list – Capture the email address of visitors and create a mail list

PPV (Pay Per Visits), Adwords and any advertisement sources.

In a nutshell to really make money from blog

Decide on how you are going make money and select the money making programs.

Identify the required traffic sources to make money with selected programs.

Get more and more traffic (visitors) to your blog via decided traffic source.

Now make money!!!.

Need more money?

Increase the traffic again and look for new money making opportunities.

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