Opt-in email list, advantages and differences.

Opt-in email list, advantages and differences.

Opt-in email is a term used when someone is given the option to receive email. Typically, this is some sort of mailing list, newsletter, or advertising. 

Without obtaining permission before sending email, the email is unsolicited bulk email, better known as spam.

For more information about Spam you can refer :  

For Canada to the CanSPAM Act
For the US to the CanPAM Act

An opt-in email list, is a list of email contacts that you've acquired because they've voluntarily given you their contact information.

Unconfirmed opt-in / Single opt-in

Someone first gives an email address to the list software (for instance, on a Web page), but no steps are taken to make sure that this address belongs to the person submitting it.

This can cause email from the mailing list to be considered spam because simple typos of the email address can cause the email to be sent to someone else. Malicious subscriptions are also possible, as are subscriptions that are due to spammers forging email addresses that are sent to the email address used to subscribe to the mailing list.

Confirmed opt-in (COI) / Double opt-in (DOI)

A new subscriber asks to be subscribed to the mailing list, but unlike unconfirmed or single opt-in, a confirmation email is sent to verify it was really them. Generally, unless the explicit step is taken to verify the end-subscriber's e-mail address, such as clicking a special web link or sending back a reply email, it is difficult to establish that the e-mail address in question indeed belongs to the person who submitted the request to receive the e-mail.

Using a confirmed opt-in (COI) (also known as a Double opt-in) procedure helps to ensure that a third party is not able to subscribe someone else accidentally, or out of malice, since if no action is taken on the part of the e-mail recipient.

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Best practice

opt-in listThe step of email address verification (confirmation) is considered by many anti-spam advocates to be the minimum degree necessary for any opt-in email advertising or other ongoing email communication.

So, Is my list an opt-in list? You may ask !

That depends on how you have obtained your list, and the process that contacts went through when they gave you their email address.

Contacts who signed up using a subscription form on my website.  = Yes
Customers who checked a box saying “please add me to your email list” when submitting a form on my website.  = Yes.
Lists obtained from business cards at trade shows. = No.
Customers who have purchased products or services from me. = Maybe. Usually, this is not an opt-in list.
Members on my website or forum. = No.
My Facebook friends (or friends on other social networking sites). = No.
Contacts in my email address book. = No.
Purchased or rented lists. = No.

What is the advantage of an opt-in list ?

opt-in list

Opt-in e-mails are targeted and often personalized and carry information about specific topics or promotions that users are interested in learning about. 

Typical opt-in e-mails contain newsletters, product information or special promotional offers.

For the sender it provides Free advertising

One powerful characteristic of a content marketing strategy is the propensity with which people share content — in other words, doing your job as a marketer for you.

For the sender it enables Personalization

Placing an ad in a magazine can help reach a specific demographic, but this does not offer the same degree of personalization available through content marketing on the Web.

Whether you already have a content marketing strategy in place or not, it is an exciting time to market on the Web. 

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I love arguing with people over the relevance of email marketing these days. When was the last time you went a day without checking email? 

So, building a mailing list is important if you wish to make money from your website, blog