SEO as a family blogger

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"SEO" as a family blogger

➤It's not that much different than normal SEO except that you don’t always know exactly what you are going to rank for when you start your day. You can’t really plan your whole life around ranking in google, but you can plan the way you write around it. Today I am going to explain to you guys how I use SEO as a family blogger.
➤The first thing I did was create a schedule, I know you're wondering “how does that have to do with SEO”. If your audience knows exactly what time your blogs will be posted them they can plan around it. This will help you receive an initial burst of views that will boost your ranking in google.
➤My schedule is currently four days a week which seems like a lot, but let me explain. On Tuesday and Thursday, I post a blog post about my day, or maybe the last two days. These ones usually aren't super rankable, but they do give my audience something to read. For instance, the last “day in the life” blog I wrote was titled “How I almost fell into a creek”. Again, this is not very rankable since no one is going to search “How I almost fell into a creek”. These articles work pretty well as attention getters though, for instance, if I posted that article on Instagram it is way more likely to get clicks than “My homeschooled opinion on school”. “My homeschooled Opinion on school” is way more likely to rank.
➤Now, on Saturday I post what I like to call my star article. This is a well-written article about a well-searched topic. I have often spent hours on this article and make sure that it is catchy, informational, and worth reading - possibly multiple times. One of these was titled “Chores for teenagers - what chores are like as a homeschooled teen”. Notice how at the beginning I provide a well-searched term followed by a more in-depth description.
➤In that article, I repeatedly use the terms “Homeschool” “Teen” “Chores” and “Chores for teens”. On that same point, you do not want to randomly throw words into your article to help with ranking, instead use them in ways that they make sense. If your audience does not enjoy your article, neither will the search engine.
➤My fourth article is posted on Sunday and is a weekly Bible lesson, I do not put much time into ranking this and instead this post is made completely for my email-subscribed audience.
➤So I hope this can help you rank as a family blogger, you can check my family blog out here:

Cody Vlog

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