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You are starting a blog, 


here are some tools to gain traffic and earn money

There are plenty of part-time bloggers and full-time bloggers who make money online very well.
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You must work hard, smart and do something different to become a successful blogger.

Always keep some long-term plans in your mind and work towards it.

Do not look for short-term achievements. Also, do not discourage your self by traffic and earning stats initially. You can't expect your 'baby' blog to run faster as '5 years boy', it needs time.

Only posts article if you have treasured content to share. Do not simply put anything up just for the sake of filling up your blog with statistics. 

Your readers will know the distinction between beneficial and needless content material; an excessive amount of the latter will force them far from your weblog. 

Sometimes you will not have an idea on what topic to write on, but be ready to experiment and learn what to write in your blog.

When you need a steady income from your blog then definitely you need to invest time, energy and money too.

So how do you gain traffic ??

Clean content material:

One of the vital matters you can do to preserve a steady flow of traffic going to your blog is to update it on a regular basis. Preferably, it’s best if you update your blog as a minimum 2 or three instances a week, or even better if you can do it each day. 

There are multiple blessings to this; one is that you may benefit a following of readers who will usually return to your blog, and is that you may be feeding the search engines like google and yahoo, as a result, keeping your ranking.

Constructing relationships:

Courting other bloggers in a professional matter, will gain their respect and gain favor from them. 

By exchanging tools, tips, and technique to grow your blog and eventually count on your opinion and tips, which means that they are much more likely to click your associate links and purchase from you in preference to the opposition.

Blog pinging:

starting your blogThis method may be used every time you replace your blog and should emerge as part of your blogging routine. There are more than one ping directories. 

All you have to do is visit their website, type within the name of your blog and the URL, then hit ping. 

The reason of pinging is that whenever you do this, the directory will ping all the weblog directories in its list to allow them to know that your weblog has been up to date.

Feed Burner:

Through putting in a simple, and free, piece of HTML code onto your blog, your readers can subscribe and feature new blog posts emailed to them. That is an outstanding notification system and could let your readers know that they can go to your weblog to study new entries.

20 Blog topic and writting ideas, solving the "What do I blog about"

Traffic is the money

That's the golden rule, if you need more money then you need more traffic to your blog. I divide traffic into two types,

Organic Traffic (from any search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing)

Other Traffic ( Regular, Direct, social networking, referrals and other)

The above both traffic types increase your blog's page views and visits rate, but not all affecting your earnings.

Each traffic source influences every monetizing method in a blog. For example, organic traffic works well for PPC (Pay per click ads like Google Adsense) and sometimes to affiliate marketing sales too, at the same time your regular visitors do not click any PPC ads.

But they will be interested in buying the products you recommend and review so it can increase the affiliate or own product sale.

So, What's the Catch and How to Really Make Money online from Blogs?

Whatever method you select, making money from the new blog will take some time. You need to be patient and active for at least first six months to build up a blog with great content which drives good traffic.

Don't be afraid to enumerate lists within your blog. Irrespective of your blog subject matter, you want to use lists. 

Lists can assist with a wide sort of topics; posts about everything from cooking to vehicle restore can gain from including lists. Lists offer records in a format that is simple to view and additionally easy to recognize.

If only PPC (Pay Per Click) programs will be your money making source, then mainly concentrate on Search engine traffic.

If you are going to make money by PPC, Affiliate sales and your own products, then concentrate in following traffic sources,

starting your blog»» Search Engines traffic

»» Regular readers – Subscribers, direct and returning visitors.

»» Social networking sites – Facebook fans, Twitter followers and anything similar to this.

»» Subscribers mail list – Capture the email address of visitors and create a mail list

»» PPV (Pay Per Visits), Adwords and any advertisement sources.

In a nutshell to really make money from a blog

Select a topic and write about it.

Decide on how you are going make money and select the money making programs.

Identify the required traffic sources to make money with selected programs.

Get more and more traffic (visitors) to your blog via your preferred traffic source.

Now make money!!!.

Need more money?  Increase the traffic again and look for new money-making opportunities.

And one of the ways to increase traffic is with a reliable company with a solid background that will not send you ghost visitors ... IneedHits can do that. 

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