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Thursday, October 11, 2018

How to Protect Your Adsense Account from Click Bombers

How to Protect Your Adsense Account from Click Bombers

As I was browsing some Adsense tips on the net, an article about "how his Adsense account get banned" caught my attention. I read his story and asked if he honestly do some illegal activities on his adsense account and he said "no", and I believe him because he blogs about SEO. If you are blogging for that niche, I am pretty sure you are aware of Google Adsense policy. He said that his click has dramatically increased more than a 100% in the past days, and it's because of click bombers, someone was probably sabotaging his Adsense account.

What is click bombing?

Click bombing is simply having your Adsense account
too much click, it could double or triple depending on the malicious user who wants to sabotage your account. These people will usually click on the same ads for more than 10 times in just a minute. If you have a low traffic blog, getting your Adsense account banned is easy for these click bombers.

This could happen to anyone, so we must pay attention to our AdSense accounts and check for malicious activities or having too much click. To some, they suspect rivals or competitors are the one doing this kind of malicious activities. They want you to go down. As a website grow bigger and so is the rise of haters, spammers, and of course the terrorists of Google Adsense "the click bombers".

The truth is, I fear on this and I don't want it to happen to me or to you. But there are preventive measures to protect your Adsense account from being sabotaged.

What to do if I suspect Click bombing?

If you happen to suspect someone is trying to do some click bombing the first thing you should do is : contact Google immediately and fill up the invalid contact form.

This will help them recognize your account is being maliciously being sabotaged and letting them know that you do not know where the illegal clicks came from.

Besides letting Google know, there are also other ways to prevent click bombing. Here are some:

Google Analytics. This is a very important tool for webmasters because you can trace where your visitors came from and what activity they are doing. Use this tool to find IP address of illegal clickers and ban them immediately.

Don't apply Adsense for low traffic blogs. This is one of the best way to avoid click bombers. High traffic sites usually makes a lot of money from Adsense, that is why click bombers will not really affect their account because they are used to having tons of clicks. If your blog has low traffic yet it has tons of clicks it could easily get banned.

Use plugins for wordpress. One of the biggest advantages of word press is having tons of useful plugins and one of them is who sees ads plugin, use it to prevent someone from accessing your site. There maybe new and more updated version of this plugin, just search I am sure you can find one.

Be careful with 3rd party traffic. I have been using 3rd party traffic generation site before and it help a bit with improving my traffic. But beware, malicious clickers sometimes lurk on these sites. 

Don't tell anyone about your ads. I have read a story about a blogger who got banned because his sister wanted to help him make money from Adsense, unaware his sister was actually "click bombing" and because of that, he lost his account. 

It may be a sweet thing someone wanted and trying to help you make money but believe me, they could do much worse. The moral lesson here, don't tell anyone about your ads.

My Final thoughts :

Despite measures to prevent this I still fear that one day Google might email me something about my Adsense account getting banned. If that happens I am quite sure click bombers are behind it. 

Getting your adsense accounts banned could happen to anyone, that is why you need to fully understand Google's policies on adsense. And the most important thing is always to be aware of your account and keep track of it so that if there is something wrong you can immediately fix it.

Adsense is still my favorite ways to make money online, but it's also scary that one day you could loose all your earnings all of a sudden. That is why you should search for adsense alternatives, they may not pay you as big but it could still help you make money blogging.

Did I miss something?

Kindly share your opinion.

Source : fromhobby2money

Autho : By Dustin Gaspay

In conclusion :

A blogger friend got this done to her account no later than yesterday (Oct 2018), since I had never heard of this, I had to make a research to understand this situation better. 
While researching, I came across the above article so well written that I did not see the purpose to write one myself. 
So thank you Mr. Gaspay to share your experience with us and I hope that it will help some of my own blogger friends, preventing them to live a similar situation.

Sylvain Richard
owner of

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Blogging Strategies – Not a Casino Gambling

Blogging Strategies – Not a Casino Gambling

If you are reading this, then there is a chance that you now have a blog which you are hoping to expand on the web. 

After writing your first article you realize that one exceptionally critical component to take your blog to the level where it enables you to procure additional income is directing people to your site (blog). 

Right off, you see that I will not give you tips and tricks on how to Gamble at a Casino.

With regards to directing people to your site, there are numerous techniques which you can utilize any way what you will discover is that a large portion of them you have to continue rehashing them day by day any way you will never observe any long haul advantage from them.

So the inquiry is what Traffic Generation Strategies will deliver a long haul advantage from you?

The response to the above inquiry is you go to a local casino and start gambling for inbound traffic ! …. Nah that will not work the real answer is, Article Submission, as far back as I began on the web full time, blogging was used as an  approach to get FREE movement to your site, trust it or not Blogging is stunningly better now, as people started to blog about any niche you can think of, well for the sake of blogging.

Which presents the topic of what you have to do now keeping in mind the end goal to utilize a Blog is most often to earn a living online.

Posting new article onto your blog will be essential with a specific end goal to get the FREE activity to acquire additional salary anyway that by itself does not mean you need to compose the updates isn't that right?

Beneath I have recorded a few things that other individuals delivering enormous outcomes with Blogging do.

A lot of web advertising business visionaries who have an issue keeping in touch with their blog employ a Ghostwriter (Freelancer) to write it for them.

A few people who can't bear the cost of a Ghostwriter at that point search for individuals through the world who need the involvement of composing and after that complete it for FREE.

One of the imperative things you should recall with regards to composing articles for your blog is whether you are an expert in your field or you need to learn and study in the subject you wish to blog about. 

The main genuine response to this is either have somebody do it for you and post to your blog or research the subject in full, at that point set aside opportunity and time in your schedule to study and to assemble your article for your blog.

While numerous individuals comprehend what I am going to state there is still many individuals who don't in this way, let me reveal to you that the motivation behind refreshing your blog is on account of the web crawlers, for example, Google will then file your blog for pertinent watchwords focused to the articles you have on your blog, again no Casino Gambling here. (sorry)

In completing this article there is a couple of strategies in which you can utilize to convey additionally FREE traffic to your blog subsequently enabling you to gain additional wages.

Visit different people blog on a similar Niche Market as your blog and leave remarks in regards to the articles posted on their blog, giving you the chance to add your signature with a link back to your blog.

Setting Google AdSense or associate connects to different ShareASale merchant items onto your blog can likewise give you a chance to gain additional pay because of each time somebody taps on the Google AdSense promotions you will earn cash and obviously if individuals navigate to the ShareASale merchant related to your niche items and buy, you will likewise earn a commission aka cash, no gambling there.

I have already written an article about ShareASale that you can read here : 
( click here it will open a new window ).

And have already written an article about Google Adsense, that you can read here : ( click here, it will open a new window ).

Building up composing techniques is something you can pick and by browsing others blogs, to fulfill your is an absolute necessity for each great blogger! 

Everyone has a different approach about any subject, hence reading someone’s else’s idea, may give you idea to write, compose a better article, this goes back to what I wrote earlier, if you are not an expert in the field you wish to write about, then you have to study it first, otherwise your readers will note and fade away.

The spotlight here should be on connecting with your audience in various ways keeping in mind the end goal is to acquire their dedication and follow your blog! Obviously, this all begins by utilizing great quality substance as the core for your technique and 'trim' it in an approach to building readers commitment!

Here are 5 distinct methodologies to help catch your reader's eye and motivate them to return for additional!


Your steadiness when blogging will dependably get you saw gave what you distribute is viewed as quality substance! The thing about blogging is that it takes time before individuals see you on the web and the best way to get this going is to be tireless in your posting notwithstanding when it shows up no one wants to think about it!


Exertion ought to be made to compose an article that is valuable to your readers! Individuals do get a kick out of the chance to know they've discovered a solid source to which they can swing to in order to get educated and taught! This is one of the essential reasons guests arrive on your blog, to take in more about a subject with which they have an intrigue!


This is to state bloggers must have the capacity to rouse or motivate individuals paying little respect to what they're expounding on!

Despite the fact that people do appreciate perusing about things with which they have an enthusiasm for, it is gratifying to wind up a blog visitors or one of your opt-in list member!

Uplifting statements from a source they see as a specialist can truly support their inspiration to make a move while expanding their confidence also! A decent blogger will try to build confidence for their readers, so when this blogger will advertise something, the readers will consider taking action.

Taking a subject and making utilization of genuine circumstances to additionally show your focuses is something your readers will find fascinating! 

Along these lines, you are empowering them to better comprehend the exercises or indicates you're attempting to make in a manner by which they can better relate! 

Despite the fact that you are not utilizing visual guides you are having individuals envision what it is you're conveying to them and many readers will learn from you!


Conveying quality substance in an all the more engaging or maybe diverting way is an awesome break for you the author and also the individuals who see it! 

Writing an engaging bit of substance like this influences learning fun while likewise taking to an 'edge' of the day of both your readers and even yourself! Who out there dislikes to be engaged?

Each great blogger is aware of the way that even quality substance can undoubtedly fade, except if readers are first locked in! These nuances or changes as examined in the 5 techniques overall fill in as recommendations for ways by which you can 'stir' your readers while drawing in new ones too!

In Conclusion : 

Unlike gambling at the casino where you hope that luck will be on your side, blogging is on the other hand not run by luck, and a blogger is a multi-task, method, approach trial and error person who is working to get people to read their blog and subsequently earn money. 

Therefore in writing this article, I am truly hoping that you found it useful and informative.


Disclosure: this article contains affiliates link, which I may be compensated for any action you may willingly choose to do.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

What are the Top Niche Marketing Secrets and Tricks

Hello, Mr. Bartell Is the winner of my last contest, so it is my pleasure to share his article on my blog.

What are the Top Niche Marketing Secrets and Tricks

In marketing, a niche market represents something or a product that consumes a unique region of demand from customers. 

It can be that little spot in the marketplace that makes up a specific type of area of expertise regarding an unmet client need. In order to draw in a sturdy, stable market, choosing a niche product must eventually enhance the web page a person owns. 

It's by way of certainly that they can produce a particular niche for the specific niche market product he or she is selling.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Run a contest to build a list of subscribers

Is Running a contest to build a list of subscribers a good idea for your 

blog or website ??

Before you start any contest, ask yourself a question, "why am I conducting this contest?" Your response will ensure that you run a contest that compliments the goods you promote on your blog. 

At Times this could call for a bit of control and reservation for your part.

Allow me to come up with an example.

A money giveaway will entice masses of visitors from several markets.  After all, not many people will turn down the chance of gaining free cash. However every marketplace isn't your market.  

Therefore after the contest not each visitor is your consumer.

If you are running a contest to bring in a traffic boost to your blog then a money giveaway will prove to be a terrific vehicle at Pulling in traffic.  

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Blogging for Proffit Blogging for a living

Have you ever imagined what it might have been like, in the case you had been blogging for a living? 

Blogging for profit
⏩About how extraordinary life might be if you were able to do the stuff you wanted for your familly and yourself due to the fact you had been pulling in an extra income from another source than you regular work.?

⏩It is completely possible to earn an extra income by means of blogging for a living if you put in force the proper techniques required and have a basic performance with a keyboard. As soon as you run a successful blog, than the income potential is past imagining.

⏩You could doubtlessly make as plenty or as little money as you preferred through being an affiliate for any quantity of products, the usage of paid commercials, or getting to know specific methods on how to grow visitors (visitors being the amount of day by day visitors you need to your blog). Either approach chosen can assist your efforts of running a blog for a living.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

List of marketing tips of the serious Blogger

Here is a list of tips for the serious blogger

list of marketing tips for the serious blogger
A lot of businesses today are turning to article marketing to greatly increase their web presence.

However, it can be a bit tricky if you aren't sure of what article marketing is and how it can be used.  Initiating such a process within your business's marketing campaign can be quite a trip, one that you need directions like these to prevent mishaps and misunderstandings.

Research your topics before writing about them. You are trying to sell to people with an interest in the product so if you don't look like you know what you are talking about they will know. Do your research on other blogs and use the actual product and your writing will reflect that.

Article marketing is a good way to get your website noticed. With the push for useful content on the internet, sites that offer nothing to visitors quickly fail. Write good articles to increase your visibility on search engine result pages. The better the site, the higher the ranking will become.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Money Making Blog Technique and Strategies

Money Making with Blogging Technique and Strategies,  for the new Bloggers in order to get traffic.

For anyone who intends to blog and make cash, it is vital that they're aware as to what to anticipate on the journey in advance. 

It's especially true that the technical components of running a blog aren't as challenging as those of handling websites.

The flip aspect to this as an end result is the entry barriers are a whole lot decrease therefore if you are blogging to make cash you're facing extra opposition. You notice the fact of the problem is that money making weblog does not simply materialize overnight. 

It's far without a doubt the end result of plenty of diligence and effort sustained over a long period of time.

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Sylvain Richard


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pinterest Advertising Tools & Tips

Pinterest Advertising Tools & Tips, 

it` s more a search engine than a social media platform

Please follow me on Pinterest Pinterest Follow 

If a person asks what's Pinterest? Really simply, it is a social network that may be accessed on internet from your laptop or thru your cell phone via its app. 

But, that simple answer may not give this website justice given that it is a lot greater than just a social network. was founded by way of ben silbermann, paul sciarra and evan sharp, somewhere in december 2009 and has started its journey upward from that point on. It at the start had round 5,000 participants which doubled and now have become millions. 

What exactly is it then? 

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Starting Your Blog

You are starting a blog, 


here are some tools to gain traffic and earn money

When people start a website they feel they need to make changes to increase their website traffic when in reality it is their targeted website traffic they need to focus on. Having hundreds of thousands of people come to your website a day means nothing if what you offer isnt what theyre looking for. 

You have to find out what people want to know and what they need to help gear your website towards your targeted website traffic. So how do you do this?
There are plenty of part-time bloggers and full-time bloggers who make money online very well.

You must work hard, smart and do something

different to become a successful blogger.

Always keep some long-term plans in your mind and work towards it.

Do not look for short-term achievements. Also, do not discourage your self by traffic and earning stats initially. You can't expect your 'baby' blog to run faster as '5 years boy', it needs time.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Alexa Ranking, why it`s important

Alexa Ranking, why it`s important 

(and explained)

what is alexa rank?

Note (1)
The global website visitor’s rank is the way an website is doing relative to all other websites on the web over the past three months. 

The rank is calculated by a combination of the anticipated average every day, site visitors to the site and the predicted variety of page perspectives at the website over the last 3 months.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

11 key step to run your blog (like a business)

11 key step to run your blog (like a business)

11 key step to run your blog ( like a business )
Wow, you have now decided to create a blog, this the first step, but now you don`t exactly know on which topic you will be blogging about. Don`t worry many search engine are available who will help you decide what kind of blog you are going to create.

With our present very high speed and busy life aspect, it is a herculean mission to conduct business in the wake of cut-throat opposition and competition.

So, how will you recognize what to write for your blog? Do you need a business plan? It may seem like an overwhelming venture to try to determine out what to jot down first for you blogging strategy.

You can have to take out some books at the library or maybe asked a friend to help you. You will have to write down a schedule as of when to write article with proper content.

When to promote them, how and where; of course if you just want be blogging as a hobby the information below may be useless to you, however if you want to make money with it up and to a living, then you have to handle your blog like a business would.

Having a blog scheduled plan will make all of the distinction throughout that journey to the bank. The journey to possibly your financial freedom.  Having a well idea out blog plan and weekly schedule, will save you time and money, time and money that you may need for important stuff like for example, the wife and kids.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My 9 Approach list to get website visitors ( Advertising Techniques )

My 9 Approach list to get website visitors 

( Advertising Techniques )

My 9 approach list to get website visitors
Without internet site visitors it's similar to having building in a ghost town, a billboard sitting on an old road, might as well hide it in your *basement* wherein nobody can See it.

Each website owner has the same startling recognition that they need one greater thing to survive - website site visitors!

Approach #1 - buy traffic

Currently, the fastest way to get traffic to any internet site includes the usage of the little commercials on the right side of giant Google's search pages results.

Known as Google AdWords, the device allows any advertiser to Open an account with a $five activation rate and start seeing
Their ads appear on Google inside approximately 15 minutes.

Advertisers pay for traffic from their ad on Google to their internet site or affiliate hyperlink.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Increase Blog Traffic with These 3 Approaches and 5 Strategies

Increase Blog Traffic with These 

3 Approaches and 5 Strategies

Many commercial enterprise owners are searching out ways to enhance blog visitors, as a weblog is no longer an option for a commercial enterprise trying to maximize their online advertising
Your blog offers you with a superb device to hook up with your goal marketplace and the role your brand as an expert. Generating excellent content will produce extra leads in your enterprise, allowing you to transform extra income, and then ultimately extra sales.

Yes, a weblog is a completely effective tool, but now every commercial enterprise has a weblog. You need to post useful content that your readers are going to want to examine on a regular basis because it presents them with a price. 

With such a lot of options and assets of content material, it is important to focus on generating extraordinary content material, due to the fact that comes leads, income, and revenue…obviously. Here are 3 guidelines to help you enhance weblog visitors.

1. Provide your reader's value – no longer an income pitch

The most important mistake organizations make is creating blog posts that examine like a press launch. Could you continue to go to an internet site that just jams overly promotional facts down your throat? Of path you wouldn’t, so don’t do it to your readers.

Sylvain Richard

2. Cut up check content material topics – numbers don’t lie

You would possibly assume that your audience is inquisitive about the content you're publishing on your weblog; however, do you've have any concrete information to back up your thinking? You can be the expert on a topic, but in case your readers aren’t interested in it then you definitely are just wasting time. You want to test your content and dive into the numbers to see the effect your content is having.

A simple way to gauge the recognition of your content is to take a short peek at the social stocks your blog posts are receiving. Are your readers sharing the content on Facebook, Twitter, and different social websites?

You will also need to dive into your analytics to see what posts are receiving the maximum web page perspectives. This is a clear indication of what subjects your readership enjoys the maximum. The numbers don’t lie, so make bigger at the famous topics and hold to enhance blog visitors by using giving your target audience what they want.

3. Hold consistency

We noted it above, however, it is so crucial that we're going to address it once more. Many business proprietors suppose that they need to blog every single day (even a couple of instances a day) and they maintain that tempo for more than one weeks after which their blog completely falls off the pace and posts right here and there.

There may be no rule that says you need to put up a particular amount of content. The trick is to be constant, whether or not that is posting as soon as a week or as soon as a day. Your weblog can grow together with your business, so long as you establish a set publishing timetable and persist with it like glue. Once your readers get aware of your publishing agenda you'll obviously improve site visitors considering the fact that your readers will go to your internet site to examine the brand new content.

Having a weblog in your commercial enterprise was once an alternative, but now it's far a necessity. Produce superb content that is treasured by your readers, tailor it to their hobbies, and post on a consistent agenda. Those three easy guidelines will help you enhance weblog site visitors, in addition to your conversions and sales.

Five specific strategies to grow your blog’s target market

3 approaches and 5 strategiesIt’s easy to find a blog approximately just about anything, which means that there is lots of options for readers—and that makes constructing a target market extraordinarily tough.

You need to construct a relationship if you want people to go back to your blog and percentage it with others. But you furthermore ought to find a way to get them back to your blog in the first place.
There are trendy, meat-and-potatoes methods for attracting readers, but those techniques are very commonplace, which makes it hard to stand out.

Luckily, there’s additionally a sparkling technique of unique approaches to constructing your blog target market—and more than one of them will let you stand out of the crowd!

Take a look at out these 5 smart ways to grow your weblog audience. Click on to tweet
Not certain where to go from here?  
Check out these five smart methods to develop your blog target audience.

1. Be a visitor speaker at a convention.

One superb manner to get attention to your blog is to talk at meetings and other activities associated with your blog topic. This helps build your authority and introduces your blog to greater readers.
Brush up to your public speaker talents to assist makes your presentation exciting in your audience. Make certain to exercise to help calm your nerves. 

Keep your speech to three key factors in order that your audience may have a less difficult time remembering them and also you’ll be capable of devoting greater time to them.

It’s good enough to use a slideshow as long as it supplements your speech; a quick manner to lose your target market is to read from your slides. Hold the tone conversational, and permit for questions and remarks at the end.

Don’t neglect to record your presentation so that you can post it for your weblog and social media later. This also extends the shelf lifestyles of your presentation, as you may not have and answer to all questions from people, you will be able to have it visible later. It also suggests off your speaker abilities, which could get you invited to another occasion.

2. Have a release party

Whilst you’re within the enterprise of being online, it doesn’t harm to step outdoor of the house, coffee store or wherever else you pick out to blog from. Have a release party or some different type of occasion to introduce your blog to humans.

This is especially suitable if your blog is about your neighborhood, which includes activities or locations to eat—wherein case, you can have your occasion at certainly one of your preferred nearby institutions.

It additionally allows you the danger to satisfy your target audience in man or woman. You can get to understand them better, that allows you to assist you to provide you with future weblog topics; they may even have subject matter recommendations for you. They’ll also get the hazard to ask you questions on some of your posts. Both manners, it will help build a stronger courting along with your readers.
You’ll want to devise a few different activities to your event apart from just speaking with each other. This can be a recreation or activity, preferably something related to your blog (consisting of a lager or wine tasting if you specialize in epicurean pursuits).

Have a chance to present a prize in a completely unique by collecting name and phone numbers.
Statistics you acquire from the raffle can be used to begin a mailing list.

As an alternative,  set up a field of props with a groovy history for a makeshift picture booth. Don’t overlook to proportion the snapshots on social media and encompass a unique hashtag on your event to assist create extra buzz.

3. Collaborate with others

3 approaches and 5 strategies
One of the best ways to construct a target market on your weblog is to collaborate with others. Whether it’s an influencer or every other reader, operating with any other individual will divulge your blog to a brand new audience when it is shared via people with whom you collaborated.
Some of the ways you may work with others encompass writing a visitor put up for a blog (or permitting some other author to create a guest put up for you), writing a profile on a person, or creating a roundup.

Your roundup may characteristic influencers answering a commonplace query that faces your target market, or it is able to characteristic especially insightful feedback from authoritative readers. Both manner, share your posts and be sure to tag those featured to get your weblog in front of their followers.

Use your blogroll to link to bloggers who write approximately the equal topics or, simply people you respect who are writing cool stuff. They may be in all likelihood to return the desire and upload you to their own blogrolls.

4. Lessen the wide variety of share buttons for your weblog

While it sounds counterproductive, you may need to lessen the number of proportion buttons for social media for your blog. Humans like selections, however from time to time; they can’t make a choice if they are given too many options.

Rather than triggering your readers’ “evaluation paralysis,” research your target audience and its demographics to determine which structures they’re spending their time on and use the one's buttons to your weblog. Test with one-of-a-kind styles of buttons and tune the development. If a few aren’t being used, eliminate them.

Make sure to place the buttons in a gap wherein humans will see and use them. Whilst it'd make sense to position them on the very backside, most people skim posts and generally don’t make it to the cease, so don't forget placing them on the pinnacle of the web page. Deliver them a unique design to make them stand out, too; simply make certain people can surely understand which platform they’ll be sharing to if they click on a share button.

5. Use Haro queries to generate mentions

Help a reporter out connects newshounds to credited sources. Responding to those queries is some other super manner to percentage your know-how and assist establish yourself as a thought leader for your field. A number of the queries additionally include a point out or a link in your weblog, so that it will get your work in front of individuals who might have in any other case neglected it.

Be sure to respond to queries to which you have something treasured to provide. Newshounds are likely receiving more than one replies; don’t waste their time trying to sound informed on a subject you virtually don’t apprehend. Probabilities are that journalists will not forget this and forget about a response you publish on a subject when you genuinely recognize your stuff.

Don’t neglect that in the long run, the best way to increase your weblog site visitors and grow your target audience is to provide proper content material. Take a look at a number of those gear and resources to assist your weblog in different methods including writing and layout.

It’s not always smooth to get started; however, after you do and stick with it, running a blog may be very rewarding. There are so many programs and system to build your target market and grow your emblem; however, they are getting worked by all people.

The key is to tune your development and notice what works first-class for you. 

Know whilst it’s time to head in a brand new course, and don’t be afraid to change something if it isn’t running.

Thank you for reading, please share it with your friends

Sylvain Richard


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