Sunday, October 2, 2016

A begginer guide to make money with a Blog

When ever I publish my monthly income reports, I do get few emails from my readers for money making tips/ make money online tips or check their blogs to increase the earnings. I'm seeing the same mistake on their blogs which I did earlier when I was new to blogging. Which is, 'expecting money so quickly, without having something valuable in a blog or website'. Remember one thing, no one is going to give money without taking something valuable from your blog.

I see some blogs having more articles than mine, but getting less traffic and income compared to my blog. What could be the problem?. Here is the reality, your all articles will not bring money and the articles you highly targeted for income will not work sometimes, but surprisingly, the post you have published without considering anything may get more income than other articles.
What/Where is the Problem?

Before go further, let me tell what is 'Blog' in my opinion. A 'Blog' is a place where you write your opinions, lessons, experience, interests, findings, guides, how to's, articles..etc, altogether it is completely 'Your Posts'. You are unique in this world (correct?), so your posts should be unique for global readers and search engines..
Nowadays everyone starts blog, publishes few posts and expects money. They think making money online is very easy, but that's not the case now. Let's forget money, even finding a unique topic and driving traffic to a blog is the difficult job now.

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