Monday, December 4, 2017

Adding online payment processing to your website

Good for you, you manage to get people to your website, they want to buy, how are they gonna make that payment ???

Learn how to set up a secure payment system for your online sales.

Payment for online sales

If you plan to sell your goods or services online, you will need to set up an online payment processing system. There are various systems available, and the one you choose will depend on your type of business and budget. The first step is to contact your bank to set up a merchant account.
Next, you will need to choose a payment gateway, which is a service that processes the payments. Your bank might be able to suggest one. Once you select a payment gateway, you'll have to set it up to work on your website.

Adding online payment processing to your website

Once you have chosen the payment gateway best suited to your needs, add a "Buy" button to your product or order page. This button will point to an application. The provider you have selected to supply your payment gateway will provide you with the program or code required to get the service to work on your page. Get support from the payment gateway provider or from your website developer for help on incorporating this code into your web page code.

Receiving payment online

When your customer enters the information required to make a purchase, that information must be directed to the payment gateway. You can choose to have the customer transferred directly there. In this case, the security for the transaction will be handled entirely by the payment gateway. Once the transaction is done, the customer is directed back to your website. You'll receive notification that the transaction was successful so that you can fill the order.

If you do a lot of business online, you may decide to keep the customer and the transaction on your own website. After clicking the "Buy" button, the customer is directed to a secure web page, still on your website, to enter all billing and shipping information. That information is sent over an encrypted connection to the payment gateway where the transaction is approved or declined. The customer never leaves your website.

If you choose this option, you will need to: 

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