Tuesday, February 13, 2018

So ! you want to increase website traffic with Twitter ?

Tools to increase website traffic quickly with your Twitter account 

So ! you want to increase website traffic with Twitter ?

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So, you tried so many ways to increase traffic and yet you have a little amount of traffic on your blog.

This is why because you tried all the ways but not in a perfect way.

Unless you learn how to make a strong content and strong SEO building you cannot get organic traffic.

Organic traffic is very important to rank your site higher. The second best traffic is social traffic. Social traffic is real traffic and targeted traffic you can drive to your blog.

Most of the bloggers have a large amount of social traffic to their blogs. Social networks work as a reminder and they will remind visitors about every post. That’s how you can increase blog traffic.

Ad networks like AdSense and media.net won’t approve your blog if you have invalid traffic source.

So you have to pay attention to it.

#How Twitter works in driving traffic?

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