Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The ( 12 ) technique list

"The" 12 technique list
( How to get website visitor technique )

Without site visitors your blog is sitting alone in the dark, it's similar to having building in a ghost town, a billboard sitting on an old road, might as well hide it in your *basement* wherein nobody can See it.

Each website owner has the same startling recognition that they need one greater thing to survive - blog visitors! There are several way to get visitors to your website, I am sure some of them I don`t even know about. 

So here is a list of technique you can use to piece the puzzle together to make money with your blog.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

What are the Top Niche Marketing Secrets and Tricks

Hello, Mr. Bartell Is the winner of my last contest, so it is my pleasure to share his article on my blog.

What are the Top Niche Marketing Secrets and Tricks

In marketing, a niche market represents something or a product that consumes a unique region of demand from customers. 

It can be that little spot in the marketplace that makes up a specific type of area of expertise regarding an unmet client need. In order to draw in a sturdy, stable market, choosing a niche product must eventually enhance the web page a person owns. 

It's by way of certainly that they can produce a particular niche for the specific niche market product he or she is selling.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Run a contest to build a list of subscribers

Is Running a contest to build a list of subscribers a good idea for your 

blog or website ??

Before you start any contest, ask yourself a question, "why am I conducting this contest?" Your response will ensure that you run a contest that compliments the goods you promote on your blog. 

At Times this could call for a bit of control and reservation for your part.

Allow me to come up with an example.

A money giveaway will entice masses of visitors from several markets.  After all, not many people will turn down the chance of gaining free cash. However every marketplace isn't your market.  

Therefore after the contest not each visitor is your consumer.

If you are running a contest to bring in a traffic boost to your blog then a money giveaway will prove to be a terrific vehicle at Pulling in traffic.  

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