Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Why you need to
Become a Blogger

What’s the first step to turning into a blog content creator? You’d suppose it would be “write”, but it’s not. In talking to other bloggers and from what I understand of my own journey to becoming a blogger, I’ve come to realize that the most important obstacle for a new blogger is that they don’t think of themselves as a blogger. They have trouble growing the perception that they're bloggers and yet it’s something you need to do. When you haven’t evolved in that perception, that conviction, it will become a supply of sabotage. If you don’t value your writing as sufficient, you then need to give it the time and the efforts it requires. How do you come to think of yourself as a blogger, specifically when you’re not yet earning a paycheck as a blogger?

Here are a few suggestions:

What Happens When You Write?

If you wish to become a blogger, I’m assuming you are experienced in a specific field, you've got something to mention and a sturdy desire to say it. You won't know the way you’re going to mention it or in what form (poetry, novel, essay, and many others.). Okay, first you sit down at your laptop or typewriter. Write something. Whatever you write, simply ensure your heart is in it. It doesn’t ought to be the best, it doesn’t ought to be neat. It does have to be expressive.

Next, as painful as it may be, you have to expose this writing to a person. It may be a friend, it doesn`t have to be a member of the family. Then, take note of what happens. Did the man or woman analyzing your work cry, chuckled or liked it? If so, you did that! You, your writing created that reaction! It is the first step to realize you may have an effect with your writing. It’s well worth something. You ought to keep going, as your blogging may help others!

I once had an author say to me, “I don’t understand if my stuff is any right. I simply know that after people examine it, they cry.” I told her you couldn't get a message any clearer than that form of reaction. Now she just has to concentrate on it.

Cultivate Silence

If you’re having trouble considering what you have got to say, it can help you to spend some time every day in silence. Some writers pray, some meditate or practices Yoga.
Frontenac Castle Boardwalk, Québec city.

Others like myself, have a favorite place to go and just relax simply listening to nature.  
Or this silence could mean listening to music for some time, again clearing your mind from daily obligation, the task to be done ... etc
The idea is to get used to clearing your mind and tuning in for your inner voice. 

What Do You Want to Write? Experiment!

Blogging is fun, sharing your experiences with others, helping them to get better in the same field as yours is rewarding. So knowing what and how to write it, is paramount. For example, you could write 3 different articles on the same subject, just to see which article gets read the most. Yes, this type of experiment is part of blogging. 

Continually Remind Yourself, You Are a Blogger

As your belief that you’re a blogger increases, you will begin to be on the lookout for a subject to write about, at the restaurant, café in a waiting line, everywhere. So it is a good idea to carry around your notepad, paper or electronic. evidently, when you will sit down to write, you will refresh your memory with those notes, it will motivate you and the text will come fluently.

Do things do get easier. ???

Yes, they do, when you write on a daily basis, then writing does get easier, you don`t need to write a full article each day, sometime a single paragraph will do the job.

Once your article is ready to be shared with others since you already spent hours writing your article, must you need to spend hours submitting it to the different platforms in order to get your article seen ?? ...... this is when the adage  “Work smarter, not tougher", is paramount. 

In conclusion :

Blogging is fun, and can be rewarding, emotionally and financially. Some people just keep it as a hobby while others make a great income from it. Its all up to you to decide what direction do you want your blog to be.


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