20 Blog topic and writting ideas, solving the "What do I blog about"

20 Blog topic and writting ideas that are different from what you usually see in other blogs suggested list.

I wanted to put a list of Idea that would pay for the effort that I have put in searching and writing this article, after a few minutes I found the Google top paying keywords (AdWord )

The 11 most expensive Google keywords:

Here's how much it would cost advertisers, on average, who want to advertise on Google for these terms:

1- Business Services: $58.64

2-Bail Bonds: $58.48
3-Casino: $55.48
4-Lawyer: $54.86
5-Asset Management: $49.86
7-Insurance: $48.41
8-Cash Services & Payday Loans: $48.18
9-Cleanup & Restoration Services: $47.61
10-Degree: $47.36
11-Medical Coding Services: $46.84

To get this data, WordStream examined the top keywords seen between June 1, 2016 and June 12, 2017, then categorized them by core intent.

Overall what does that mean to you as a publisher, if you write an article about one of them topic, then you are likely to make more money from Google for each click on your adds, see, Google will always try to match the subject of your topic or page, hence a single click could be worth more than a 1000 visitors to your website.

Of course if your blog is about traveling then this list is of no use to you. Thus let’s carry on with a list of Idea rather than the making money path, even tho we all want to make money, the point of this article is to share ideas and suggestion of article topic.

#1 Run a contest – all I can say is that it gives great attention and new traffic to your blog.

#2 Offer a gift – get people to commit to an action and offer a gift in return, could be an e-book, money, free advertising on your blog …

#3 if you offer an e-book as a gift, why not writes your own.

Travelling and restaurant

#4 write about your travelling, where, why, you next destination, historic site that you have visited, how are the airport, also writes about your favorite restaurant, which restaurant have you hate at, where is it, the taste, how was the service


#5 Cities you have visited, it`s  building age, construction type, age of the building and city itself, its location, its major industries, its art, museum, churches .. etc


#6 about your favorite car

#6A if you own the car and do activities with it, write about that, I`ve just started a blog ( late summer 2017 ) mustang-only.com and will writes about our trips and all

#6B if you go and do a test drive, then with a little research added to it, you`ll have sufficient material to write an article

#6C car repair

#6D car upgrade, (modification) whether is paint, body or engine


#7 family oriented or family issue ( birth, death, marriage )

#7A parents that are Aging, Illness

#7B mental disease

#7C School

#8 your work and why

#9 your favorite sports and why


#10 House in general
#10A house construction
#10B house renovation
#10C house kitchen, bath, living room, windows

Increasing website traffic, with quality contextual


#11 Gardening
#11A what, how and where to grow fruit in vegetable in different area
#11B new trend within the city, roof top garden

#12 Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day,  birthday

#13 TV shows, new movies that is coming out

#14 super heroes


#15 for men and women
#15A purse, shoes and other accessories
        #15B hair, hair cut, hait styles


#16 the different religion on earth, their Gods name ( sensitive topic in my opinion )


#17 cupid where is he from,
#17A how to romance a woman
#17B the different way of thinking between a men and a woman
#17C the challenges when a new born arrives ( challenges on the couple itself )
#17D definition of love
#17E sex and sex in the couple

Domestic animal

#18 Dogs, cats, birds, any family oriented domesticated animal
 #18A farm animals


#19 the different fruit and vegetables, from where do they come and what travel do they do before they end up in the grocery stores


#20 hosting, website
 #20A website advertising, e-mail list, traffic generator
 #20B website builder ( free and paid )
 #20C social media
 #20C how to generate revenue from and with         social media
 #20C how to get followers, post shared
 #20D how to generate online income
 #20E auto surf and or manual surf
 #20F affiliate programs and marketing

There are tons of website with list of suggested topic for blogs. 

What I have done, is I tried to get out of the paved road and come up with suggestion that I haven t seen in my research for this article, I hope it has helped you get started with fresh Ideas.

Thank you for reading and please don`t forget to share this to your Facebook and Twitter Friends.


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