I challenge you ( to write 1 article that contains viral content )

I challenge you ( to write 1 article that contains viral content )

According to Wikipedia
The term "viral marketing" was first popularised in 1995, after Hotmail spreading their service offer "Get your free web-base email at Hotmail" Viral marketing is the phenomenon in which people actively assess media or content and decide to spread to others such as making a word-of-mouth recommendation, passing content through social media, posting video to YouTube.

So ! What makes content go viral?

It’s a hard question, however while you look around, there’s some folks that are able to craft contagious content each single time.

What’s their secret? Do they recognise something you don’t?

The answer is sure! They do!

And whilst they may not be aware of it, they know how to push the little “traffic buttons” of the net without fail.

Many studies suggest that emotionally charged content in any form generates a lot of attention and is thus frequently distributed on social media. In addition, very entertaining or useful content also has the potential to become viral.

Right here’s the highlights:

1. Tremendous content will go viral better and faster than bad content.

(Splendid, right? While you study the information, you’d assume that negativity became a have to, heh).

2. Content that evoked excessive arousal emotions—positive or bad—is greater viral than content material without emotion.

(what’s a excessive-arousal emotion? Assume awe, anger, tension, or something related to the concern of loss)

3. Nearly all useful content get’s shared.

(That makes sense, proper? People like sharing nearly beneficial content to assist out their fanatics and friends)

What makes an article a hit piece of viral content?

The ten traits of viral content consist of:

➤Evokes high arousal (commonly that means the content is surprising)

➤Engages positive emotions

➤Creates connection/empathy between content and content customer

➤Has a newsworthy hook

➤Is easily understood

➤Is a fast fed on media layout

➤Is straightforward to share

➤Generates cost or works toward a purpose when shared

➤Doesn't mirror negatively on sharer

➤Appeals to large/established hobbies or topic areas (food, pets, common life events, celebrities, etc.)


Long form ( read article ) content gets more social shares than short form content.

Well well well, if you do a little research about this affirmation, you will find out that the longer your article is, the more chances you get to have it shared with other.
See chart below
write 1 article that contains content

So if you understand the chart, it says the 3000 words article get the most, share, however writing a 3000 words article each time, can be very hard to achieved, as I write this line, my word counter indicate that I am at 411 words so far.

Having at least one image in your post leads to more Facebook shares

You knew about that, right ? People like to see rather than read this is why video and images tends to get more viral than text article, adding at least 1 image to your article will make a world of difference.

write 1 article that contains viral content

Please keep in mind, the image you want to select is the one that will appears in each post and re-post of social media, so choosing the right images is paramount. Also adding image attribute will help you with search engine as image attribute tells the search engine what is the image and whom ( which website ) it belong to.

Try avoiding “stop word” in your post title

Many search engines will not consider very common words in order to speed up search results. These filtered words are known as "Stop Words".

As such you can find a list by (( clicking here )) ( it open a new window )

Website visibility: Choosing the right meta tags

Put Numbers and bracket in your title

Our brain works with numbers, thus adding a number into your title will increase the chances to have it clicked, now you need to put it In in a figure amount not spelled out.

For example, 3 horses are leading the 7th race, work much better than three horses are leading the seventh race.

Bracket, help our brain to focus in separating the text, so use bracket in your titles….

3 horses are leading (the 7th race), ain`t that nice.

People love to share lists and infographics

That`s a given, people love to share those so much that the net is flooded with these type of useless post. The other on FB; I came across a post that stated quote the top 10 positions that will get a women reach climax unquote … very funny when it`s proven that each women is different on this subject. But yet that darn list had been shared more than 35k times.

Which bring me to tell you that your article paragraph should be list based, a title list and then a sub title for each point. Easy to read, concise, strait to the point.

Getting one extra influencer to share your article has a multiplier effect.

write 1 article that contains viral contentOf course that make so much sense, getting someone who`s recognised as a master in his field to share your article will have an outstanding impact.

I am positively sure that if Oprah was to tell to her TV audience to buy X product, then the following day you`d have 35 million American looking to buy that product, same goes if they tweet it or FB share.

So yeah ask you friend to share your article, re-tweet it, they will help, but if you can get friendly with someone whom may have a real impact on your business, you should consider it very seriously.

Repromote your old content on a regular basis.

Yes, do it, why not get re-rewarded for your work, more than just once, the internet goes so fast that the only person who will know it`s your old content …. (( is you )).

When you make a post on social media, by the next day it’s gone, even worse, sometimes it is a matter of hours, at that point nobody sees it on their wall, to old.

Plus we all have different schedule for internet time, therefore it is important you post it at different time, so important that each social media platform has program which has been develop specifically for that. They will assist you in posting stuff even if you are not in front of your computer.

On top of re-posting, I know some blogger whom has 3 or 4 account of each social media, people are naturally drawn to what seems to be popular, if you see a tweet that has been retweeted 300 times, more than likely you will look at it deeper and retweet it yourself.

By having several accounts with 1000s of followers on each account, you can get your post in front of a lot of people very fast … this … at no cost.

One thing not to forget is social media company do not like it when the same IP address has several account, so be careful this could get you banned.

Facebook affiliate marketing strategies

Even if you don`t like it, put a photo of yourself in the article !

Yes, I know, you don`t like any of the photo`s about you, none of them make you look good, but the matter of the fact is people like to see who wrote the article, see if they can trust, rely on, they like to see a face.

If they feel like leaving a comment, they want to feel they are writing to someone, not a machine, and if they hit the share button, they are sharing the text of someone whom they know the face off. So adding your face picture on each post is extremely important.

Last but not least.

Remember when I wrote to list your paragraph, well in conclusion

In conclusion No 1

Viral content material spreads like a pandemic on the net. Many companies are drawn to viral advertising and marketing because of its ability for gathering excessive-profile target market interest and its fantastic effect on one revenue.

Growing a viral hit requires a brilliant deal of good luck. Despite the fact that, there are positive factors that may help companies to make their content inherently viral.

Research proposes emotional content material has the best capacity to spread virally. Further, specifically enjoyable or useful content is the type which is at maximum generally shared.

In conclusion No 2

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In conclusion No 3

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In conclusion No 4

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Please note : thank you to okdork.com for supplying the chart and photos.