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Why you need to
Become a Blogger

What’s the first step to turning into a blog content creator? You’d suppose it would be “write”, but it’s not. In talking to other bloggers and from what I understand of my own journey to becoming a blogger, I’ve come to realize that the most important obstacle for a new blogger is that they don’t think of themselves as a blogger. They have trouble growing the perception that they're bloggers and yet it’s something you need to do. When you haven’t evolved in that perception, that conviction, it will become a supply of sabotage. If you don’t value your writing as sufficient, you then need to give it the time and the efforts it requires. How do you come to think of yourself as a blogger, specifically when you’re not yet earning a paycheck as a blogger?

Here are a few suggestions:

What Happens When You Write?

If you wish to become a blogger, I’m assuming you are experienced in a specific field, you've got something to mention and a sturdy desire to say it. You won't know the way you’re going to mention it or in what form (poetry, novel, essay, and many others.). Okay, first you sit down at your laptop or typewriter. Write something. Whatever you write, simply ensure your heart is in it. It doesn’t ought to be the best, it doesn’t ought to be neat. It does have to be expressive.

Next, as painful as it may be, you have to expose this writing to a person. It may be a friend, it doesn`t have to be a member of the family. Then, take note of what happens. Did the man or woman analyzing your work cry, chuckled or liked it? If so, you did that! You, your writing created that reaction! It is the first step to realize you may have an effect with your writing. It’s well worth something. You ought to keep going, as your blogging may help others!

I once had an author say to me, “I don’t understand if my stuff is any right. I simply know that after people examine it, they cry.” I told her you couldn't get a message any clearer than that form of reaction. Now she just has to concentrate on it.

Cultivate Silence

If you’re having trouble considering what you have got to say, it can help you to spend some time every day in silence. Some writers pray, some meditate or practices Yoga.
Frontenac Castle Boardwalk, Québec city.

Others like myself, have a favorite place to go and just relax simply listening to nature.  
Or this silence could mean listening to music for some time, again clearing your mind from daily obligation, the task to be done ... etc
The idea is to get used to clearing your mind and tuning in for your inner voice. 

What Do You Want to Write? Experiment!

Blogging is fun, sharing your experiences with others, helping them to get better in the same field as yours is rewarding. So knowing what and how to write it, is paramount. For example, you could write 3 different articles on the same subject, just to see which article gets read the most. Yes, this type of experiment is part of blogging. 

Continually Remind Yourself, You Are a Blogger

As your belief that you’re a blogger increases, you will begin to be on the lookout for a subject to write about, at the restaurant, café in a waiting line, everywhere. So it is a good idea to carry around your notepad, paper or electronic. evidently, when you will sit down to write, you will refresh your memory with those notes, it will motivate you and the text will come fluently.

Do things do get easier. ???

Yes, they do, when you write on a daily basis, then writing does get easier, you don`t need to write a full article each day, sometime a single paragraph will do the job.

Once your article is ready to be shared with others since you already spent hours writing your article, must you need to spend hours submitting it to the different platforms in order to get your article seen ?? ...... this is when the adage  “Work smarter, not tougher", is paramount. 

In conclusion :

Blogging is fun, and can be rewarding, emotionally and financially. Some people just keep it as a hobby while others make a great income from it. Its all up to you to decide what direction do you want your blog to be.


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Overcoming Loneliness When Working From Home

Overcoming Loneliness When Working From Home and trick to help you get thru.

I love the ability that incorporates working from home. I like the truth that I'm able to outline my personal hours. There are however some risks of running from a business from home. One of the unusual problem people operating from home face is loneliness. 

Don't forget co-workers? Those stressful individuals who you’re compelled to share a workplace with some of them friends, however most of them insufferable. If you’re whatever like me, one of the motives for beginning a domestic enterprise is to get away from those people. 
And yet, whilst you do business from home all day, each day, you could sooner or later find that you begin to miss that type of companionship, and experience greater than a bit lonely.

Here are my recommendations to overcome loneliness when working from domestic:

All by myself…picture the scene. You get up every day for your work. Your husband or wife has already left, considering the fact that they must rise up earlier to shuttle to their own work. 

Your children are at school, all the neighbors are at work. Your home feels abandoned, and your neighborhood looks like a ghost city.

It’s all too easy to end up relatively demotivated in this case and to start the sense like your work is pointless. Worse, if you get stuck or something terrible occurs, you have no-one to turn to, at work, you were all in it collectively, however now it’s just you, out on your very own.

Even if you don’t sense like it’s affecting you, the dearth of human interplay will be causing you quite a few issues. Ask yourself if you’ve been more irritable than normal recently, felt disappointed or sad without being able to determine out the reason why. 
If you have, then it is possible to be associated with homeworker loneliness.

The energy of the net.

Since you’ve probably set up your laptop in a workplace, you might discover it worthwhile to get on a search engine and discover a few forums related to your industry or niche, especially ones dedicated to folks that run home businesses. It’s a big web out there, you will find someone who has similar interest to you.

Finding friends on forums may be proper for changing the misplaced interplay with co-workers. Greater than that, it can provide you a terrific help for your frustrations and troubles — among the peoples you’re talking to, they may have been through the identical element themselves. They may be more than satisfied to sympathize with you and provide advice.

There’s one aspect to be careful of: don’t allow chatting about everything and anything that could interrupt your work. Allow yourself a certain amount of time every day to talk to your newfound ‘colleagues’, don’t pass over it. 

You don’t need to be sitting there in a long dialogue while you have to be getting a few work or articles finished, do you?

Get to realize Your customers.

Here’s a great way to turn your loneliness into a bonus: make your customers your buddies! 
This is a good way to maximize their loyalty to you. Those that consider you, are going to fulfill your workbook, every so often their friendship can be rewarding to your enterprise level.

Associations, organization, and Societies. If you take the time to look around, you might be surprised at how many groups there are, out there that you can join. Perhaps your region has a Homeworkers’ Society or an affiliation about your enterprise or blog niche that holds regular conferences? 

And you may locate some new friends, as well as a few true enterprise contacts. Two or three businesses ought to be sufficient.

Visit a coffee shop every so often.

You’ve seen those individuals who appear to be doing work in Starbucks, right? properly, they’ve figured out something that you haven`t, being at home by yourself all day is getting boring. Of course, it’s nice to break out sometimes and have some coffee while you work. Over the years, you’ll even be known as a regular, and people there will start getting to know you.

Maintain contact: 

Nowadays with Twitter, immediate Messaging and Skype, you may be in touch with your friends online whenever. Having online friends with similar pastimes keeps you accountable and encouraged. But attempt to not to spend an excessive amount of time chatting. If a friend is in the mood for a lengthy chat in the course of business hours, you have to be upfront and inform them that you'll get back to them later. 

For me just understanding that I have a community that I'm able to rely on is right enough. Just that feeling that you aren't alone is now and again sufficient no longer to make you feel lonely.

Forums: boards serve a twin purpose. they're a wonderful means of getting the information about your blog and they also let you keep in contact with other similar niches. Again don't spend an excessive amount of time on boards. Don't count on them to find all your clients.

Take a walk: while you are working from home its quite easy to get chained on your desk. There aren't any water coolers to take your mind far from your task at hand. There are no colleagues throughout the table to chat about the last film releases or last night games. So you need to provide yourself with something which can take your mind far away from work for a short time. I generally go for coffee, just getting out of the house, see people help me refocus and something gives me ideas on what to write my next blog article.

In conclusion:

If you were to work the boring 8 to 5 job, you would have a break in the forenoon and afternoon, so nothing is wrong to do it if you work from home. The key point is just to be able to balance work and time off, you are then bound for success.


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Awesome Blog Content, that will attract readers.

How and where to get the idea for your blog content

There are still people who do not know what blogs are. Because of the unusual name, people tend to think unpleasant things when they hear the word blog. Is it a murky mixture of sand, water, and dirt?

Blogs are like bulletin boards that are updated regularly, often on a daily basis. The contents of blogs are information about a specific topic, or in some types of blogs, people sometimes use them as a journal or diaries where they put in the details of their personal lives, their opinions about certain topics and even social commentaries. To put this in simple terms, blogs are used by the person who created the blog any way he or she wants them to be. The creator of a certain blog is the author and it's his or her responsibility to provide the contents.

Blogs have become very successful and popular lately, and SEO consultants say that they can be very profitable if they are managed and marketed the right way. Generating profits from a blog doesn’t require selling anything. Profits can be from ad placements, banners, or contextual advertising. The best blogs draw the attention of a large audience and keep them coming back for more.

Where To Get Content For Your Blog

Blogs and websites that have rich content are always going to do better than those that don't. I am sure you wondered where these blogs get their ideas, views, and opinions. It is easy to write about something you are passionate about but to do that most days of the week is extremely hard since you would probably run out of things to talk about or you simply don't have the time. So how do they do it?

Where do they get their ideas? Do they get help from tools and other sources available on the Internet? Many people turn to a blog content material issuer due to the fact they just don’t know the way to get the maximum out in their blogs. Many others – possibly with a few overlaps – select to have a blog content material provider take over the writing and control in their weblog due to the fact they've problem arising with day by day content material. 

When you hire a professional blogger to write down and manage your weblog, issues about writer’s block tend to vanish away. But how do professional bloggers get their ideas? How do they maintain content that’s applicable and sparkling published for your weblog every and every day all month long? 

There are a number of methods. The following five, however, speak to the most not unusual ways in which bloggers write blogs.

1. They do a little study. In element, this involves analyzing the content of any topic to get a sense for any new information that they want to talk about. 

They look at posts that have been made. By taking the time to recognize your niche,  a professional blogger can create a database of subjects to supply several blogs.

2. Blog content material vendors read different blogs on the identical subject matter as the one they are writing. For instance, if your blog is is about traveling, the professional blogger will have a look at similar websites to look at what’s being talked about. Same is true whether or not you're an actual estate agent, a motel manager, a chef or a race car driving force. By reading similar blogs, your blog content provider can assist about the problem or even create hyperlinks to reinforce your blog’s popularity.

3. Blog content material companies can take a look at your niche and or products and offer suggestions for putting them to proper use. Do you offer an advertising and marketing service? If so, your blogger can create content primarily based on ways in which that service may be used. Sometimes, drawing greater customers is really a matter of providing an opportunity for products and services – to make sells.

4. Blog content provider can work with you to create functional content material, Featured pieces, etc. Internet users want to read about testimonies and reviews. You can be analyzing this text wondering if this writing is the kind of things that you can do to your very own blog. You may be wondering why you need a blog content material manufacturer operating to your team. “Can’t I just do that myself,” you could ask. The reality is that, yes, you could do all of this stuff on your personal. 

However, often it is a slow process doing every single step required to write a single article. Doing the research, taking the proper picture that will go along the subject, or making a photo montage. A blog content provider, on the other hand, may be dedicated to creating clean content material that attracts readers; the right blog content company will also be able to create content material that attracts search engine crawlers as well. 

As an end result, your blog will acquire improved word and multiplied readership and you're in all likelihood to enjoy a surge of interest in the goods and services that you are talking about. Is a blog content material company a very good funding?

The following contains my affiliate link, therefore if you take action I will be compensated for it.

Many people turn to the above for content, however

5. The best way would be to provide the content yourself, and then your goal which is of the utmost importance is to try to create traffic, get people to read your article.

Putting in your very own content is the best way to go. One way I use to find fresh ideas is to look at another blog which is in the same niche as mine and write about it, for example, lately one of my fellow bloggers got hit by click bombing, this got me curious, wanted to know what it is since it was my first time hearing about it, in my research I found an article which discusses exactly that, I could not write it better myself, so I copied the content to my blog (see 1) to share with my readers.

So reading other bloggers blog, is ONE method, reading tweets, facebook comments are also a very good trick to find subject to write.

I know my friend Paul, a  blogger who rather write fifteen subject line on one page, and then write about each one ... one by one, the best is to find your method and stick to it. 

If you are still stuck, then I have written an article: 20 Blog topic and writing ideas, solving the "What do I blog about" may I invite you to have a look.

In conclusion :

Writing your articles yourself will require more work and dedication, however, this will ensure you retain what is being written and convey the message that you want.

Hope you liked reading it, please share it with your friends.

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(1) Source : fromhobby2money

Author : By Dustin Gaspay

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What Is Spam? Two Main Groups Of Spam! Strategy

What Is Spam?  Two Main Groups Of Spam! 

Strategy to avoid them!

You have possibly seen a boom in the amount of unsolicited mail which shows up to your email box, or for your preferred newsgroup. The activities of a small number of peoples are getting a bigger hassle for the Internet.

Chain letters that ask for cash, whether or not for reports or just directly up, are unlawful in the US, Canada, and many other countries. Whether or not they're in postal mail or email. Report these frauds on your neighborhood US Postmaster. You may see an email coming from Nigeria or every other African country, despatched via someone who wants to use your bank account to switch 20 million dollars. This is referred to as a ‘419’ rip-off and those were killed over it.
what is spam two main groups of spam

Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an try and pressure the message on those who would not otherwise select to receive it.

Most spam is business marketing, often for doubtful merchandise, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-felony services. Spam expenses to the sender very little even next to nothing to send. To the recipient, junk mail is easily recognizable. If you employed someone to examine your mail and discard the unsolicited mail, they would have little hassle doing it. How a good deal can we automate this manner? I assume we are able to solve the problem with pretty simple algorithms. 

One especially nasty version of e-mail junk mail is sending spam to mailing lists (public or personal email discussion boards.) Because many mailing lists limit interest to their subscribers, spammers will use automatic equipment to enroll in as many mailing lists as feasible, that will clutch the lists of addresses, or use the mailing list as a direct target for his or her attacks

There are two significant forms of spam, 

And that they have distinct outcomes for Internet customers. Cancellable junk mail is a single message sent to twenty peoples or higher groups.

I suppose it’s possible to forestall junk mail, and that content material-primarily based filters are the way to do it. The Achilles heel of the spammers is their message. 

They can dodge some other barrier you set up. But if we can write software that recognizes their messages, there would be no way they would be able to get around that. 

The goal for each unsolicited mail sender is to send a direct mail message to a potential customer. Email junk mail lists are regularly created by scanning the internet, stealing Internet mailing lists, or looking the Web for addresses. 

The cost for Email spammers is minimal. For example absolutely everyone with measured smartphone carrier – read or get hold of their mail while the meter is counting, so to speak. Spam take band which is charged to the phone holder. 

The statistical technique is not the primary concern when they write unsolicited mail. Most hackers’ first instinct is to try and write a software program that recognizes man or woman homes address email. They examine studied, the goal of these guys is to attempt sending you an email that starts off evolved Dear «yourname». 

Feature-spotting filters like SpamAssassin assign the unsolicited email into the junk email box.

And now strategies to avoid those. 

If you are an enterprise owner and you rely upon electronic mail, unsolicited email is going to be a prime subject. How you deal with it can make a significant distinction in employee efficiency. Email unsolicited mail has been a nuisance and has gotten even worse over the past several years. Email junk mail slows down server performance and might consume away bandwidth. Cleaning all those awful messages out of your inbox is time eating. The most straightforward method for viruses to spread is thru e-mail.

Having a method to address email junk mail and viruses threats is crucial for any commercial enterprise to continue to exist and be active. You can limit the adverse effect on your commercial enterprise by having regulations and pointers in place, and of course a good anti-virus in place as well, such as bitdefender, nortons, macafee etc.

Tips to avoid getting email junk mail:

-> If you have a company website, a blog or any website for that matter, use a contact form that the website visitor can fill out. Some unsolicited mail spammers use robots that move from web pages to web page seeking out email addresses. Your internet website designer needs to be able to help you with this.

-> When signing up for boards, products and services use a free email or throwaway accounts like Hotmail, Gmail or even Yahoo mail.

-> When signing up for offers be careful as to what you select, using the checkbox.

-> Never respond to an email unsolicited mail message, this simply allows them to realize that your account is lively.

-> You may additionally want to apply a throwaway email address in case you post on newsgroups or forums.

These measures may assist you to reduce unsolicited mail, however, if you have an old email, you may need to change your email for a new one, or deal with unsolicited mail. There is numerous tool for anti unsolicited mail structures you could purchase a software program that runs domestically for your PC to clear out the junk mail, but this could be of high priced, does not prevent virus infection, and isn't always a fantastic choice in networked surroundings. A managing system junk mail software program is inefficient.

If you have limited technical assets you can outsource your electronic mail unsolicited mail filtering to a hosted anti-spam and virus solution issuer.

Spam filter carrier companies colocate their junk mail and virus filters in records centers with redundant energy and network connections. You will want to alternate your mail exchanger for your DNS servers to point to the service carriers junk mail filters. Your service company will then scrub your email for spam and viruses. They then forward your electronic mail on your mail server minus the junk mail and viruses. This gives you a few more layers of safety. In the occasion of a network outage or server downtime, your electronic mail is held and is added while the community or your server is to be had minus the virus and spam. Spam filter out offerings also test for viruses; this adds some other layer of defense to the virus software program already running for your community.

If you have got an enterprise with multiple hundred email bins making an investment in your very own junk mail filter out appliance is the maximum value powerful solution if you have the technical expertise to manipulate the device. A unsolicited mail equipment sits in front of your email server and blocks unsolicited mail and viruses. The fee of the spam equipment will rely upon your range of users, the quantity of mail and company requirements.

In Conclusion :

Fighting unsolicited mail is no longer a losing war if you have a suitable method to cope with the threat.

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Right Meta tags better website visitilty

Choosing the right meta tags for Website visibility

The Meta Description Tag is an HTML code that allows you to give a short and concise summary of your web page content. The words placed in this Meta Tag, are often used in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), just below the Title Tag as a brief description of your page.

Here is an example of what it looks like :
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <meta name="description" content="Free Web tutorials">
  <meta name="keywords" content="HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript">
  <meta name="author" content="John Doe">
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

Most people find websites with the help of a search engine. To be found and properly indexed by search engines, your site needs proper meta tags, such as 'title', 'description' and 'keywords' tags, that optimize your content for findability. 

While meta tags are not seen by visitors to your website, search engines use the tags to read, categorize, and interpret the content of your pages.
In addition to using key terms and phrases throughout your page, you'll want to make sure you optimize your title, description, and keywords meta tags for the best results.
How do search engines find your website?

When a user enters a query into a search engine, the engine sifts through the pages recorded in its index to find the best matches and then ranks the results in order of relevance.

Each search engine uses its own formula to determine the significance, relevance, and ranking of any web page it comes across. Each search engine's algorithm works differently and may turn up different results for identical search terms.
A few things search engines look for:
  • The location of keywords on a Web page: Pages with title tags containing search terms are often assumed to be more relevant than pages with title tags that do not. Similarly, pages that contain the search terms near the top of the page are considered to be of higher relevance than those that do not.
  • Keyword density concerning the search terms: Search engine algorithms analyze how often search terms occur concerning other words on a webpage. The higher the keyword density, the more relevancy the page will likely be given. 

  • It's essential, however, not to repeat the same keywords too many times; this is called "stuffing". Not only is this unappealing to a visitor reading your page, but search engine algorithms cannot be tricked into giving you a higher ranking by doing this. Use a variety of key terms instead.
  • Link analysis: By analyzing how pages link to each other within a website and from other websites (referral links), a search engine can determine the subject of a webpage and its importance to the search.
  • Click-through metrics: A search engine will often analyze which search result links are being chosen by Internet users, and attach greater relevancy to pages chosen more frequently.

Which meta tags are key for search engine optimization?

Using the correct metadata, such as proper titles, descriptions, and keywords, can positively affect how search engines rank your website.

Title meta tag

Recognized by every major search engine, this is one of the most important meta tags. The title ensures that the correct name of your website appears in a search engine listing.
Including relevant keywords in the title can get your page a higher ranking in search engine listings. Do not simply list key terms; give your page a proper title.

Description meta tag

Summarize your page concisely by using the description meta tag. This text appears in the search engine results as a summary beneath the title of your page. Write a description that is approximately 150 characters in length (longer descriptions may get cut off in the display of search results).
When you compose the description:
  • Be thoroughly familiar with your website's content.
  • State the functions or services of your website clearly and concisely.
  • Treat your description like advertising copy. Use words that are likely to attract visitors.

Keywords meta tag

Finding the keywords or phrases that represent your content is vital for attracting the right visitors to your website. Ideally, these keywords or phrases should be incorporated naturally into the text of your content, and into the title and description.
If your website has an internal search engine, you can optimize your pages for search by entering key terms in a keywords meta tag. This field can contain things like synonyms, acronyms, and misspellings that are not visible on the webpage itself.

Be aware that major search engines generally ignore this data, and pay more attention to the naturally occurring keywords in the content on the page. To find the right keywords to use, you'll need to know your content and learn about your audience's search behaviors. When you compose the keywords:
  • Research the keywords your target audience is most likely to use when searching. Several online tools can help you with this.
  • Decide on the best use of a word. Should it be singular, plural, or both? Should you use a phrase instead of a single term?
  • Place the most important keywords first. Search engines often give them more weight.
  • Avoid overusing a keyword. This can be considered 'stuffing' and major search engines might penalize you by ignoring your website or refusing to index the page if you do this.
  • Avoid unrelated keywords that are intended simply to generate traffic.
Your website's analytical data might help you find some of the key terms that people are
using to find your pages. Besides, some search engines offer tools that can help you gain insight into frequently searched keywords.

Now how to do it on Blogger, first put your mouse over the image and left click, select image properties, a box will open, in the upper box you enter the link of your blog page, in the second box, the title of your blog page, click ok. That is it. 

Thank you for reading, and don`t forget to share. You never know, maybe one of your friends is looking for this info.

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